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Island Creole Box

Your Self-Care Journey Begins Now!


My mother was born in the beautiful country of Haiti. Leaving her family and everything behind, she sailed from Haiti to The Bahamas for a brighter future. I was born in The Bahamas and my parents moved to the United States for better opportunities when I was an infant. Growing up, I witnessed how hard my mother worked, the kinds of jobs she held, and the multitude of hours she worked. My mother sometimes held two jobs to help provide for our family. I observed this kind of hard work in the women in my family as well as women in different Caribbean backgrounds and cultures.


I personally thought Self-Care was considered selfish. I also thought pouring into others was essentially the right thing to do even when my cup was empty. Once I had my third child, I realized I was mentally drained , physically exhausted and slowly falling apart. I had reached my breaking point. I existed but I wasn’t living. I was here but not present. I know as women it is only natural to make daily sacrifices for our family, work. Whether it is in the home or career. However, it is essential for us to have balance. I have met women, especially from the Caribbean that will give of themselves when they are empty, give when they are heavily burdened and continue to give when they feel powerless. That was me too. Over the years, I learned that isn’t healthy for our physical well-being or our mental stability. Therefore, I decided to take a stand for myself and the women around me. I want to impact and encourage women from around the world to get into a routine of self-care and not feel guilty by doing so. I want you to know that SELF-CARE isn’t selfish. Yes, society and our culture will try to make us believe it is selfish and self-indulgence to rest, pause, breathe, and care for our well-being. I am on this journey to encourage you that Self-Care is Self-Preservation!

What’s in the box?

We collaborate and support women entrepreneurs. In our self-care box, you will receive natural and handmade body products, snacks, and food items from the islands, the Caribbean, and natural brands. You will receive handmade gifts, beautiful and unique accessories, candles, aromatherapy products, postcards, art pieces, books, and materials for personal/spiritual growth, and lots of Women Empowerment.

Vision for Island Creole Box

Our vision is to help instill self-acceptance and self-worth no matter the circumstances or the journey you are on. I am passionate about helping women find what makes them well and whole, happy, and worthy. Resources and support will be shared as a reminder that we as women, especially from the Caribbean need to practice filling our cups before we can pour into the cup of others. I am on this journey as well for myself and my daughters. I am here to motivate all women, especially those from the Caribbean; to live, explore, discover, love, find passion, peace, and purpose, creating your own happiness, and having a routine to Self-Care.

Our Passion and Purpose

We vow to honor and celebrate women all year round! Island Creole Box will encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to discover and embrace the beauty of God’s glorious creation anywhere and anytime. This journey of self-care and self-love is birth from my personal encounters and stories from beautiful and amazing women in my life and circle. I want to honor the strength and beauty of women from the Caribbean and around the globe. Yes, we are on a movement of self-care and self-love. However, I want to extend my hands out to my Caribbean Sisters and get them on board to embrace and empower themselves. You deserve to rest, you deserve to do the things you enjoy, and you deserve to be happy. We are a whole being and we matter; Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit. (John 10:10)

Thank you for getting to know us!

All treasures are curated with you in our hearts.

Love, Nirva
Founder and CEO of Island Creole Box

“I have seen women living through the worst. The best, the hardest conditions. Their courage to work. Their confidence. Their willingness to fight that keeps me going.”



“What motivates me is when others support us to know we are not alone in our desire to see women empowered and live to their full potential.”



“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”